Some Fargonians Don’t Like New People

The sights and sounds of Fargo have been in my life for two years now. It did take me sometime to warm up to the city seeing how my Fiance and I arrived near the start of winter. I loved the people with their small talk of weather and local politics and not to mention…
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Courtesy: Sky News

A Political Earthquake Is Shaking Up The UK

A political earthquake is shaking up an economic and ideological firestorm in the United Kingdom. Brexit a referendum to leave the European Union was passed by a majority vote of 51.9% leading to some devastating consequences. The decision has led to British Leaders to resign, to the pound plummeting in value, and the UK could…
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Why Cheap Gas Is Bad For All Of Us

You might like inexpensive gas but oil companies are suffering and it could come back and hurt our economy. 140 billion dollars  last year is what Americans kept in their pockets. However lower production, less investment, and less infrastructure is the result of the lower prices leading to a 140 billion dollar loss in the…
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A Shift In Thinking On Gun Control Is Happening

Gun control, it’s a touchy subject that has been on the mind of many Americans in the wake of the Orlando massacre. Some are saying that the shooter shouldn’t have been able to buy a gun so easily, others are saying that someone who has been investigated by the FBI shouldn’t be able to buy…
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A Quick Refresher On Hillary Clinton Scandals

The Democrat front-runner Hillary Clinton has been shrouded with controversy and scandal for most of her political career. She has been directly involved in over 20 scandals to date and there could be more scandals to come with her track record.  The email controversy is still fresh in our minds but many from just a…
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