A Shift In Thinking On Gun Control Is Happening

Gun control, it’s a touchy subject that has been on the mind of many Americans in the wake of the Orlando massacre. Some are saying that the shooter shouldn’t have been able to buy a gun so easily, others are saying that someone who has been investigated by the FBI shouldn’t be able to buy one as well. As of now I haven’t heard anyone saying that we should keep gun control the same after the tragedy. Republicans and Democrats are pushing for a change, even though the way they want to do it differs. This is a definite change in tone from the past.

Front runner Donald Trump even came out to say he doesn’t want people on a terrorist watch list or the no fly list to buy guns. Hillary Clinton’s response was to ban certain weapons like the AR-15.


So here is the question, what happens if we ban people who are on a list from buying a gun?



Normally when one of these shootings happen a debate starts but nothing changes. Now we are seeing a shift to ban people who are under suspicion to not be allowed to buy a weapon, but does this infringe on the rights of Americans? Unfortunately it does, people who have been on one of theses lists could not have done anything wrong and would be denied their second amendment rights. Do we put an asterisk on the second amendment and leave it at that? As someone who is a supporter of the second amendment I face an internal dilemma, I believe the Massacre could have been prevented had the FBI been watching more closely. I also believe that if we had legislation in place against gun ownership for people of suspicion it could have alerted officials when Omar Mateen tried to buy a firearm.

The second amendments reads 



Do we change this to say

“The right of the People to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed unless you are on a government list”


Do we change something that has been at the core of american since it’s birth or do we change it for a feeling of security? Tell me what you think, comment or send me an email at clupo@wday.com.

2 Responses

  1. Reason

    Drugs are illegal, do people use them? Murder is illegal, do people kill people? Rape is illegal, do people rape? Criminals don’t follow rules. Did we learn anything from alcohol prohibition? Besides the rule of law, weapons are the necessity of a free state. I don’t just mean the USA. I mean your own state, your existence. Removing weapons doesn’t solve our problems. Violence is only the side effect of deeper societal issues. Removing the right to keep and bear arms is a poor emotional short sighted reaction.

  2. Nathan

    I believe that if you are on a list such as this, and you are denied the right to purchase a weapon (any device that can kill a human), you are simply given a letter in the mail saying you have been denied this right and to call Homeland Security for further information. In that case, you have not only been told you’re being watched, but also gives those who have done no wrong the opportunity to correct it and hopefully the means to do so.

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