Some Fargonians Don’t Like New People

Flickr: photoranger54
Flickr: photoranger54

The sights and sounds of Fargo have been in my life for two years now. It did take me sometime to warm up to the city seeing how my Fiance and I arrived near the start of winter. I loved the people with their small talk of weather and local politics and not to mention a beautiful downtown to boot. I heard some rumblings from some old Fargonian residents about how they were not particularly fans of all the “New People” coming to town. “New People” meaning new residents from other states or refugees from other countries. Since I was new to the area I was apart of that crowd of people, I simply dismissed what they said since most of the welcome I received was warm despite the -10 degree weather.

The rumblings of dislike toward “New People” came back recently in the form of a letter sent to the Forum.

Letter: Fargo was better before the growth

By Mr. and Mrs. John Brennan

We sure liked Fargo better before all this growth. Fargo was relatively unknown, somewhat boring and very cold. Few wanted to come here. Even during the tourist season, it doesn’t seem like there were as many license plates from other states as there are now year around.

Today, we have very challenging neighbors, many sirens, almost daily rude traffic situations, as well as other inconveniences and much more violent crime.

That’s progress?

Seeing this I could not but help try to explain myself as a “New Person”. I moved to Fargo for the promise of a better future with jobs available, relatively low housing costs, and a thriving economy. The town had many events going on all the time and has an awesome feeling of community. So no surprise people wanted to join in and relish in one of America’s best cities. I heard stories of Fargo before it became what it is now, the Brennan’s do describe it accurately. It was boring, cold, and not visited at all. Why would you want that? If you eat at a new restaurant or participate in any events that happen in Fargo you should know a large part of that is because of “New People”.


As far as the other claims of challenging neighbors, sirens, and traffic situations go, I can say that many cities have it far worse. The largest challenge I have with my neighbors is that they are too nice and always want to visit. The sirens the Brennan’s speak are mostly ambulances going out on calls to save people so I can’t complain. The so-called “daily rude traffic situations” for me are next to none, in fact people tend to be to nice and let me turn at a stop sign before I’m suppose to go.

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The chances of you being a victim of violent crime in Fargo are 1 in 378 compared to my home state’s largest city, Detroit with a 1 in 47 chance.  

Yes Mr and Mrs. Brennan that is progress, we are here to stay and we want to make Fargo one of the greatest cities to live in.

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  1. Schurkey

    Pointing your sights towards the high-crime cities and saying “we aren’t there…yet” isn’t the best logic.

    Count me with the Brennans, Tax-subsidized…everything…has made Grand Forks a mess. Time to END “welfare” (Corporate AND individual) and watch the parasites leave or begin to fend for themselves.

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